The Toumani family and the production of olive oil

Olive oil production in Plomari, Lesvos for five generations

The Toumani family comes from Plomari, Lesvos. The identification of our family with the cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil in Greece is lost in the distant past. This is the place where our ancestors took root, even before our grandfather’s grandfather, along with our olives. This inseparable, timeless relationship of ours for at least five generations with its “saving” fruit

olive, is demonstrated by the age-old olive trees found on our estates.

Today the olive grove has passed to the younger generation of the family, which I have the honor and responsibility to represent.

I am Apostolos Toumanis, and I am lucky to do what I love most.

I grow olives – with the same passion and interest as my ancestors for five generations. With absolute respect for the gifts of nature. Incorporating innovation, research and the latest crop developments in all stages of olive production. From cultivation and harvesting, to packaging and promotion in the Greek and international market, all procedures that follow

comply with the strictest quality standards of organic farming.

My wish is to share the blessing of my place, with all those who are looking for a Greek traditional olive oil with personality, an olive oil with memory and voice, an honest and delicious oil. The Organic extra virgin olive oil PLOMARI GOLD.

Produced from olive varieties

80% “Kolovi”, 15% Adramytiani and 5% Agrilia.