PLOMARI GOLD is a premium organic excellent Virgin Olive Oil of Superior quality that is produced exclusively by the method of cold pressing and only by mechanical means, from selected olives that are collected by hand.

It is prepared in the sunny, mountainous, age-old olive groves in Plomari, Lesvos at an altitude of 300 to 500 meters, which is considered ideal for the production of excellent olive oil.

The aromatic herbs that grow harmoniously in the organic olive groves such as wild lavender, oregano, thyme and various wildflowers in combination with the cool breeze of the Aegean Sea are ideally combined in this blessed place resulting in a golden green olive oil of high quality rich in polyphene acidity, mild natural taste and rich aromas of freshly cut grass, wild artichoke and oregano.

It is produced from olive varieties 80% kolovi, 15% Adramytiani and 5% Agrilia.

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