The Greeks were among the first to cultivate the olive tree around 2500 BC. The great importance of the olive tree in antiquity made it a symbol of peace and wealth. It was the symbol of the goddess Athena.

At the Olympic Games, the winner was awarded an olive branch as an honorary symbol.

In Greece, olive oil has been the most important type of fat and one of the most important products for centuries.

In the Minoan era, olive oil was the foundation of the ancient Cretan economy.

In modern times, medical research has found a lot of evidence that olive oil consumption is extremely beneficial to human health and worth participating in our daily diet.

It adds value to the daily table and with its friendly character accompanies a wide range of cooked meals and fresh salads.

Lesbian flavors “tie” with the “liquid gold”, as Homer called it, taking off even the most exquisite palate.

Plomari olive oil in particular stands out in many characteristics such as (the most basic) its taste and for this reason has won many awards in national and world competitions and continues to win every year.